Kverneland cultivator Turbo

Kverneland cultivator Turbo

Kverneland re-introduces the trailed cultivator Kverneland Turbo in working width of 6.5m and 8m.

The Kverneland Turbo has been designed with 5 rows of tines for all kind of soil cultivation: stubble cultivation after harvesting from 3cm to 15cm, seedbed preparation after ploughing and also shallow working in spring or 2nd stubble cultivation after manure/slurry and after green fertiliser crops.

The Advantages

*Under beam clearance of 700mm and long distance between rows from 510 to 900mm for a perfect soil flow without blockages
*Extremely flexible S-tine for intensive mixing and stubbling action
*Low pulling requirement (6,5m–200 hp/8m–300 hp)
*Stubble cultivation and loosening from 3 to 15cm deep
*Easy operations with all hydraulic adjustments

Turbo - three working zones

The Kverneland Turbo has 5 rows of tines to avoid any blockages in case of high residues such as sunflower, oil seed rape, maize, etc… The long distance between the tine rows varies between 510 and 900mm to get the optimum soil flow around the wheels.

The tines are followed by levelling tines to close the furrow made by the last rows of S-tines.

The Kverneland Turbo is available with a choice of active rollers such as Actipack 560mm, Actiflex 580mm or Actiring 540mm.

Turbo - The tines

The S-tine benefits from a strong vibration effect: the large coil and the high tine clearance of 700mm ensures robust flexibility whilst ensuring a powerful vibration for cracking the clods.

The narrow tine spacing is made for an active crumbling and even levelling. In addition, the pressure applied to the coil is reduced extending durability.

The tine can be equipped with 2 different shares:

- 55x15mm for deep cultivation, low disturbance, and low fuel consumption. It is mostly used to open the soil in spring time.

- Double heart share 125mm (reversible) for intensive mixing.

Turbo - Strong and robust frame

The frame has been performed by FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation to comply with the highest lateral and longitudinal forces. It has been designed for tractors up to 450 hp but also to be equipped with the heaviest roller like the Actipack roller.

Turbo - Levelling equipment

To reach a perfect levelled surface, the Turbo has levelling tines to bury the furrow made by the last row of tines. The angle can be adjusted at any time according to the working depth.

Turbo - Rear accessories

There is a full range of levelling equipment and rear rollers available:

Cage roller o 550mm - 90 kg/m

*10 bars for a good loading capacity and operation in wet conditions
*Effective crumbling action

Double cage roller o 400mm (tube/flat) - 160 kg/m

*Good crumbling
*Precise depth control

Actipack o 560mm - 220 kg/m

*The Kverneland Actipack roller displays its superb working qualities especially on medium to heavy soils and also in wet, stony and sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives.
*The cutting discs break the larger clods whilst the adjustable knives cut the remaining clods resulting in optimal clod breakdown and fine seedbed preparation.
Actiring o 540mm - 160 kg/m

*The Actiring roller is a lighter variant of the Actipack, using the same frame structure and knife system.
*The discs have been replaced by a “V” profile ring, this is saving 60kg/m, which is of critical importance for reducing lifting requirements for mounted equipment.
*Actiring is not recommended in stony conditions.

Actiflex roller o 580mm - 160 kg/m

*The Actiflex roller has been made to create an intensive mixing with all types of conditions, even stony ones.
*The rings are made with spring steel to have a high resistance against stress at high speed.
*Actiflex rings are separated by skids to prevent any accumulation inside the roller.
*This roller is the ideal tool to create a nice seedbed and enhance the weeds regrowth after harvesting.

Turbo - Depth control and weight transfer

4 front wheels and the rear roller ensure a perfect d