Have fun while vacuuming
The efficient Neato robot vacuums combine High Suction Power and High Performance FIlters for your well-being.

Especially allergics and pet owners will find the Neato robot vacuums extremely helpful. Neato robot vacuums use patented Neato Botvision™ to see, feel, and plan the most efficient course and clean your house in record time. Neato robot vacuums sense and respond to furniture, toys, and stairs, carefully moving around them, without missing a spot. The robot always knows where it is. Therefore it can systematically clean all rooms. As in a real vacuum—not a sweeper. Suctions dirt, dust, and pet hair like only a true vacuum can. When it needs more juice, it goes back to its charge base then returns and finishes the job. The extra large stust bin is also very helpful. You don't have to empty the dust so often.


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