QUADRO VEHICLES S.A. was established with the goal of developing three and four wheel scooters that combine the agility of a two-wheeler with the safety of a car, in order to offer enjoyment and excitement to everyone.

For strategic reasons, QUADRO VEHICLES S.A. established its headquarters in Vacallo, in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, where all the Company’s offices are located: Precidncy, Finance, Commercial department, Technical department, Marketing & Communication, Styling & Design, Research & Development, Modelling, Supply Chain, After Sales and Administration.
Care for aesthetic details, together with innovative and patented technical solutions (such as HTS – Hydraulic Tilting System – the hydraulic suspension system well-known in all the most important international markets), allow QUADRO VEHICLES S.A. to produce and offer onto today’s market, after only two years since it was founded, three and four wheel scooters that are safe and comfortable and that can tackle all types of road condition – even the most difficult – in all driving conditions. Vehicles that guarantee comfort,safety, agility and pleasure.


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