About Piccadilly One of the main Brazilian footwear industries, with a daily production of 60 thousand pairs of shoes, Piccadilly is recognized among retailers and consumers as a brand concerned with providing fashion, well-being, style and quality. With 58 years of history, eight plants, all in Rio Grande do Sul, and about 4,000 employees, the company has always focused on promoting maximum comfort and has developed technologies that are considered innovative in the international market. In recognition, Piccadilly has received the quality certificate issued by the world leader in footwear technology, the Satra Technology Centre, in England. Piccadilly follows the international fashion trend and offers models for different styles at each collection. The company also have the line Piccadilly For Girls, focusing on 6-to-12 year-old girls. Daring, romantic, delicate, basic, traditional and sensual women find in the Piccadilly the ideal shoes, beauty and comfort in a same model.


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