ALLJACK is an ISO certified and ITAR registered, Taiwan-based manufacturer of high quality precision parts for global companies who require speed, accuracy, and attentive personal service. We have the experience, knowledge, and technical abilities to be your 1-stop shop for manufacturing in Taiwan. We provide a wide variety of prototype services, as well as a manufacturer of precision metal parts in medium to large quantities. Our customers have the ALLJACK advantage of our firmly established and well-controlled production process. We can achieve tolerances that most companies shy away from. We have three factories: two in Taipei, Taiwan and Yokohama, Japan. We specialize in the following industries: 1. Medical Devices. 2. Aviation & Aeronautics. 3. Custom Automotive. 4. Commercial Electronics. 5. Fiber-optic connectors. 6. Startups & Prototyping. ALLJACK was founded with the aim of helping designers to turn their concepts into realities.


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