TexJet® more

TexJet® more – Your very special partner
TexJet® more is ideal for professionals and businesses that seek a special-purpose direct to garment printer.

Special applications
TexJet® more is…more than a common dtg printer. Its large print area of 41x95cm allows for uncommon applications, such as printing on dresses and leggings as well as on bed/table linen and towels.

Print quality
The combination of our print head (8 ink channels, 180 nozzles/channel), Dupont-powered inks and TexJet RIP software results in clear and crisp images with accurate colors and sharp details.

TexJet® more is compatible with an optional double platen that offers two print areas of 36x40cm that allow you to print two different jobs at the same time, increasing your productivity.

Make the most of TexJet® unique features:
- Cost-effectiveness
- Low running and maintenance costs.
- Efficiency
- Fast Return on Investment.
- Stunning print quality
- 1year full warranty on print head and all mechanical parts.