Dunamenti Company group is your appropriate partner for fire safety. Our activity comprise from manufacturing materials to system providing. Dunamenti is manufacturer for intumescent putty (Polylack) and fire resistant mortal up to EI240 grade, fire-proof sleeves for plastic pipes, felexible putty for expansion gaps amd itumescent fire protection coatings. Appling Polylack A/W) you can reach fire resistance on steel up to R90 and mortal (Polyplast) allows you to reach even R240 fire resistancy. Fire barrier coating for structure made of wood. Smoke and fire simulation, asbestos removal.Dunamenti Tüzör: System provider for sprinkler systems, high pressure water mist, foam and gas extinguishing systems. Design, preparation and manufacturing as well as maintenance.Dunamenti CSZ: Hydrants and boxes, armatures for fire brigade, couplings, accessories, hoses and casting aluminium and bronze.Dunamenti AKA: Fire resistant doors, windows and glazing


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