Power Chucks

Pratt Burnerd manufacture a wide range of high technology and extremely accurate Power chucks that are sold worldwide, including:

High Speed Quick Change with Setrite feature as standard, giving a repetitive gripping accuracy of 0.025mm TIR. Designed for small batch production on CNC lathes.
International chuck has a repetitive gripping accuracy of 0.025mm TIR and fitted with Setrite as standard and is designed specifically for use on CNC lathes.
Self contained power chucks can either have a built in air cylinder actuated through an interlocked control unit, or they can be interfaced directly from the lathe’s own control system. These chucks are ideally suited to machines which do not have hydraulics fitted.
The high speed low cost replacement chuck has been designed as a low cost, easy retrofit replacement for manufacturers’ own chucks. Accuracy is 0.025mm TIR.

Product Specification
Definition Value
High Speed Quck Change 160 to 790mm diameter
International Power Chucks 125 to 600mm diameter
Self-Contained Power Chucks 160 to 350mm diameter
Low Cost Replacement Chucks 160 to 600mm diameter