Zhejiang VoLong Sanitary Ware, which is the strength of the domestic rather large plumbing sanitary ware manufacturer, products sold far away Europe, the United States and other countries and regions, which are widely used in offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment occasions and private apartments in mainland China, Chinese Lang developers building products has never been more widely adopted. Long-induction occupants used by the U.S.-class technology and ISO 9001 international quality certification system of production management, to ensure good quality product quality. The same time, the company of a five-year quality assurance, the majority of dealers and old customers with full and effective assurance. 2,001 degrees Chinese construction industry especially to the National Association recommends construction, building materials products include well-known. Chinese enterprises Lang policy is "people-oriented, technological innovation, the brand-name strategy, quality priority." Long companies in China "as customers for a treasure in my colleagues proud" concept, based on faith in a clear and professional communication and giving our customers value the high quality of trust and expectations. As the team work together, not only will we achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction. more committed to exceed customer expectations of high-quality performance


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