Newanton is an enterprise with international vision and background, which specialized in constructional seal section. To trace back to 1963, its predecessor was state-run "Ningbo's 2nd rubber company". This year's of development our company accumulated a very deep culture, technology and management. The application of EPDM in construction is from 1992, after the e shift in sorts of products and system, especially in the 1997, we succeed in setting up the e private enterprise-"Newanton rubber company ", the products which mainly in rubber sections , has become the predominant product. Before 2003, Europe and America are our main market. As a result of the high-speed development of Chinese construction, Newanton laid the emphasis back in China immediately. Windows and Doors seal are our most important production which conglomerate two generations. Since built in 1963, we affected half century by Shi Jifang's scrupulous workmanship design and working attitude who is in 70-year old, Right now the turnover of Newanton is near 100 million, and also we have two manufactures in Ningbo China ----Ningbo Newanton Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd. and Ante Rubber profile Co.,Ltd. Newanton's main production is around highly level as curtain wall/aluminum and wood windows and Doors, But Ante's main production sis based on the plastic windows and doors, they belong two difference commerce operation and legal person.


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