Tengyu brass hammer at manufactering and designing the brass cartridge and brass product by 18 years. There are 30 professional technicans and 300 more workers can provide 100,000 sets of brass cartridge and fitting for the market in the different countries of world every day . The Company always pay attention to the quality management and quality system construction, and already passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 , CE , WRAS , ACS , NSF and ect. . And awarded the certification of 《Good standardizing actions certificate》and 《Measuring ability qualified certificate》from the nation, we are first to work out the 《company standard 》in the same industry and approvaled by the national quality management department . the title of "Taizhou famous brand product" have approved from the goverment in 2010. The company have invested RMB 1,000,000 for equipment modification every year in the past five years, now, we have basically realize CNC and automation production, the special full auto CNC machine and test equipment to ensure the quality of each product . In order to seek larger development space, Tengyu company have made an major strategic decision, to requisition of 100 acre land for building an modern of new tengyu in Sihong of Jiangsu , more than 60000 square meters workshops and supporting housing will be put into trail in 2012 , we are determined to develop more brass products, including sanitary wares, valves fittings. We are warmly welcome to the old and new customers to visit and provide more cooperation opportunities with us.


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