Beijing Zhong Fang Science and Technology Industry Company (BJZFST) was established in 1993 as a foreign trade company and is a fully subsidiary of CTA. CTA is the largest comprehensive R & D institute in China's textile industry and the powerful high-tech enterprises group. The import value of BJZFST has been increasing year by year and got to USD 6 millions in 2007. BJZFST has been dedicating to introduce the products of CTA group to all over the world and has built good relation with many buyers of textile and garment in South America, America, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Moreover BJZFST had an office in Guangzhou in 2005. Our Guangzhou office is special for Wirlpool, airpool and SPA components. Product: Yarn, fabric, garment, spunlace nonwoven product, functional fabric, army textile, fiber used for civil enginee. Wirlpool, airpool and SPA componentsring.


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