Taizhou Guoren Thermostatic Sanitaryware Co.,ltd, located in China's eastern coastal city—Wenling city, while production based in Guangdong province with 20,000 ㎡ of floor area. Guoren is the leader manufacturer and supplier of the global thermostatic sanitary, with 10 years history of researching and production. Guoren has vertically intergrated production line which includes tooling, brass rod extrusion, surface polishing, machining, plastic injection, gravity casing, forging,zinc die casting,chrome plating which all uses state of the art manufacturing equipment.With our strong technology R&D team and backed by our in-house Metallographical Microscope Lab and Advanced Design Technology Lab,which allow all our products meets many global standards including ASME A112.18.1-2005/CSA B 125.1-05,ASSE1016-2005, EN1111, EN1287,AS4032.2-2005,QB2806-2006 etc.Products has been achieved the quality certificate of American$UK$France$Norway. Except meeting domestic market requirements, our products has been exported to Europe and American market,with good reputation in domestic and abroad.


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