Chao Zhou, which is the City of Ceramic, has a long history of producing ceramic. Nowadays, Ceramic industry is one of the most important resources of this city's economic. Sitong Group plays a very important role in this industry, not only for the economic side, but also the society side. In 2005, Sitong Group is elected by the Commerce Department of China for "Most Protective and Developing" famous brand exporting companies. In 1997, four factories merged into one group, called GuangDong Sitong Group. Personnel's in this company has the same goal of "Honest, Innovation, excellent quality and credibility". Under this goal, Managerial personnel and workers work hard to meet the needs of market. The company is growing tremendously. Right now, the company has a capital investment of 100 million yuan. There are around one thousand and six hundred people working in a more than one hundred and twenty thousand squared meters company. Sitong Group also noticed the important role of technology for a company's growth. The company as brought in a lot of modern equipments to produce products. Every year, the company produce around fifty million pieces of goods, with a output value of 400 million yuan. Our market are main at these area: North American, Mid-east, Europe and Southeast Asia. Sitong, Our trademark , is recognized as China Well-known trade mark. Right now, our company try our best to build up our "Sitong" brand to serve people all over the world. Top managers in the company, with all the workers, struggle hard to develop in the keen competition.. Being the Chairman of Chaozhou porcelain association, the legal representative boasts a great fame in the porcelain manufacturing field, he is not only the vice director of China porcelain industrial association porcelain major committee, but also the excellent peasant enterpriser in the whole nation and excellent private enterpriser of GuangDong province.


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