Starmatrix Group Inc., with its Suzhou branch as well as British Marcrist office (Zhenjiang), is an import & export company located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. Its registered capital reached 5 millions Yuan, and the annual import/export amount valued US$32 millions. Starmatrix specialized in import & export trade, entrusted business, transit trade as well as processing with supplied materials, processing with imported materials, assembling with supplied parts and compensation trade. Its mainly exported products includes: hardware and tools, sanitary and bathroom equipment .plumbing, Painting tools,swimming pool equipments ,bottle and advertisement materials. Starmatrix has already taken ISO9001:2008 into implementation, and has also registered brand "MATRIX" "SANTRADE"and "GARTENKRAFT"itself. Thanks to its quick development since establishment, up to now, Starmatrix has exported more than 100 products to around 60 countries and areas, and established business relationship with about 80 customers from USA, EU, Africa and APEC Economies.


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