North Tangshan Haifeng Porcelain industry Limited company is located Jindezhen--Is apart from south Tangshan 35 kilometers to abut the east of Hebei Province oil field, the natural gas resources is rich, south neighbour North China biggest harbor Caofeidian, the close neighbor Tianjin Port, the Beijing Tang port, Beijing Shen, the Tianjin Tang highway, the railroad, the marine transportation is convenient, extends in all directions.This company year productivity 950,000 upscale health sanitary equipment, its variety includes: The joined bodies, the fission sits then, squats then, hangs then, washes the basin, the cabinet trough and so on.Product best-selling each place, and exports South Korea, countries and so on South African Europe Central America Southeast Asia.This company technical force is abundant, the equipment is advanced, area 60,000 square meters, existing staff 600 people, in which intermediate and senior technical personnel 80 people.The main equipment, introduces the English fuel gas tunnel kiln, is the present domestic thermal energy use factor is high, the burning stabilization, does not have the pollution, consumes energy lowly, has the modern leading level technical equip.


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