To ensure the high quality of products, our company strictly carries out ISO: 9001 international quality system and has got ISO: 9001 certificate . In 1999, the products of Shengya company had been awarded as "Recommend Products for Residential Construction" by the Building Dept. of China and our company has been praised as "Reliable Enterprise"for many years by Dongguan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and in April 2004,it was praised as "Key Brand of Trustworthy Quality of Chinese Environmentally Safe Products" ,What is more, "SHENGYA Brand" were awarded the title of "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" by Guangdong Province Industrial and Commerce Bureau in Mar 2005,soon in the same Year of 2005, "SHENGYA Products" were awarded the title" Guangdong Province Famous Products" by Guangdong Province Quality Technology Supervision Bureau, which show the credit status in the market.


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