Ningbo Hongxu Heating Co., Ltd. is an enterprise combining industry and trade.We are one of the main manufacturers of electric towel warmer, towel rail, hot water towel rack and exhaust fan in China. The company has a floor area of about 6,600m2, and a building area of 7,000m2, and now it has 82 employees, of which 8 are high-class technicians. We are equipped with a batch of manufacturing service team with excellent techniques, and we are cooperating with "OEM". We sincerely welcome clients both home and abroad for visiting and negotiation. The producing flow of our company is advanced, and the product quality is stable. We adopt advanced welding techniques, and don't alter the steel structure in the processing manufacturing process, the connection point adopting auto laser welding which is ultrasonic and with no welding spot, to guarantee the reliability of the welding. The products with exterior appearance beautiful, and the steel-made bath series radiator with diverse variety, the choosing range is broad, the structure compacting effect is good, the heat dissipating capacity is big, the corrosion-resistant surface coating is smooth, with no poison, no smell, non volatile, rich color, environmental protection, and excellent safe performance. The exterior surface color is multiple varied, we can custom make kinds of center-distance products with diverse interface modes according to customer demands, and can also increase or decrease piece (or wire) quantities. Welcome multiple clients for ordering and contacting. Also, we have our own trading company, Cixi Brisk Trade Co., Ltd.,which is mainly exporting home appliance, such as ,oil filled heater, PTC fan, toaster, juicer, hair dryer, bearing and so on. Since there are many relevant factories cooperating with us, we are able to provide you goods with superior quality and reasonable price. All our products have been exported to Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.


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