Prospect of Midocean: Building a world-class brand of sanitaryware Mission of Midocean: Creating healthy and long-lasting fortune for personnel, shareholders and society Spirit of Midocean: Professional and Practical, Cooperative and Innovative Learn to behave before doing things Make the most of your shower, make a more harmonious family Services of Midocean: 7-star specialized services including 3 free services plus 4 promises Current Midocean: Midocean is professional manufacturer of computerized steam rooms, massage bathtubs, shower rooms, shower panels, large and medium-sized facilities for swimming pools, etc. Midocean is in possession of production and research bases that occupy an area of over 40,000 m². Midocean strives to follow technical fashion of sanitaryware worldwide, providing healthy and environmentally friendly products for modern society. Midocean employs Dave a senior technical consultant from UK, senior product designers from France, and senior domestic technician to establish the "Technical Research & Development Center of Intelligent Sanitaryware", which becomes the first one inspected, evaluated and accepted by technical, economic, development and reform departments of the government. Presently, the Center has developed nanometer antibacterial bathtubs, high-efficiency water-saving steam rooms, safe bathtubs for the disabled, and other high-tech products. This greatly enhances our capacity to provide customers with solutions of integrated sanitaryware. In 2006, we managed to merge two manufacturers, which strengthen production and development capacity tremendously. Relying on profound market understanding, powerful technical forces and premium quality, we aim to provide you with "Midocean Solutions of Integrated Sanitaryware". We help you create a perfectly comfortable and fashionable home. Cooperators of Midocean: At present, the marketing network of Midocean covers over countries and regions


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