China's Fuzhou City silver king Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd., founded in 1990, in 2004 from Wenzhou, Zhejiang ask located in the North Industrial Park in Jiangxi Province, China plumbing industry is a large scale, one of the superior quality. Is engaged in the development, design, production, sales, product taps train services expertise, specializing in the production of High-End Products taps, bathroom accessory products and accessories. Factory covers an area of over 55,000 square meters, plant construction area of over 15,000 square meters. Since its creation the company has been "based on the quality of basic services to win God," the purpose of product design, manufacturing, metal processing, polishing, plating, the assembly of one-stop production lines, with a sophisticated technical equipment, advanced manufacturing technology , strict means testing, a sound management system, and honest service. Division I has been established of a modern enterprise management system, and passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and the European CE product certification. At present the United States is actively seeking out NSF certification. Silver king independently owned brands enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad, access to brand-name products in Jiangxi Province. Products with reliable quality, superior performance and the best-selling and the markets in Europe and Southeast Asia, by the unanimous praise from domestic and foreign merchants. I Secretary strong technical force, and a number of strong senior design teams from Italy to introducing advanced technology, further into our design philosophy: "intention to create your lifestyle." For you to design and manufacture innovative, artistic, and the silver king practical products. Decades of development for silver king has accumulated rich experience in products and markets, has been committed to working with customers to establish a good personal and business relations for customers to provide complete and detailed personalized service, received from Spain, Italy, the United States such as customer recognition and praise. Sustainable operating in good faith, to the creation of high-quality brand for sanitary products sector contribution to the upgrading of the quality of a force. This business philosophy will run through the development of silver king always, is the success of the silver king Guide, silver king is the long-term goal. In the new century, the idea of taking a brand new road, water culture in the new century and make due contribution.


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