AMBERSMILE is a family business company.
The family business was started at 1990. We make the best quality products of Baltic amber. We have a big assortment: amber & leather jewelry, amber & thread jewelry, amber & wire jewelry, classic and beaded bracelets, catholic rosaries, earrings, muslim rosaries, such us beaded rosary with insects inside, white amber rosary and etc., amber bead necklaces, pandora style amber beads, necklaces for eyeglasses, pendants, pins, rings, sculptures, amber stones, amber raw material and other jewelry and souvenirs.

AMBERSMILE is very competitive company because it as a manufacturer has an opportunity to satisfy all clients’ wishes. It depends of new technologies and qualified employees who help to make clients happy. We can make individual orders and large orders for companies. We are working only with Baltic amber material. Also we can send our production all over the world. We have competitive prices because of good connection with amber raw suppliers and refined production process.


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