Amber processing in Lithuania exists since the old times. Already in the past it was valuable due to its remedial qualities, nice flavor, which is emitted while burning, later it was used for making apparel and ornaments. We have taken over the old traditions of the amber processing, know-how, and experience, and taking the modern fashion requirements and buyer's wishes into consideration we have applied the modern advance in technology.
"Amber Art" has evaluated the quality of the amber and a wide range of amber color, and applied it in manufacturing of amber pictures.

We have produced the amber pictures since 1990. During this period of time "Amber Art" has developed its production technology. Therefore, today our assortment consists of a great deal of works. Each month the assortment is complemented. The wide assortment and a good quality of pictures lets us export our products to Russia, Poland, Germany and other countries. A customer's opinion is very important to us; therefore, we produce pictures according to individual orders as well. The accomplishment terms depend on the ordered quantities and complexity of work. Prices are negotiated.

The amber picture production phases:
A picture is created and painted by an artist, which then is put into a computer and a picture is prepared for printing. The printed picture is covered by varnish or amber dust and bigger particles which are precisely sorted according to colors. Therefore, we suggest to look up into an "Amber Art" catalog and get acquainted with the variety of amber pictures.


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