Amber - "Gold of the North" - has been the greatest wealth of Gdansk for ages. Even at the time of the Roman Empire, the most famous amber routes had their beginnings at the Baltic shores. Our firm is a continuator of Gdansk amber tradition.

AMBER-ART-GUTOWSKI has been on the market for 20 years. We are a respected producer of jewellery and craft goods made of amber. Since 1996 we have been a member of International Amber Association. We offer a great choice of jewellery and artistic goods containing amber. We specialize in the production of unique goods, which great variety appeals to the most sophisticated tastes. In order to fulfill your expectations our goods are full of interesting pattern-designing, unique style & charm and very precise handiwork. Thanks to creativity and originality of our designers and hand-made work, our jewellery is of the highest artistic quality. We still look for more inspirations in designing new patterns so our offer is characterized by fashionable model-making and style.

We aim our products at wholesale trade in the country and abroad. We provide our customers with professional advice, reliable service, and short delivery times even with large orders. The company welcomes co-operation with all those who value the beauty and magic of amber.


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