Solidity and caring about the highest quality of our products are the identification marks of Amber Apple since it's beginning back in 1977. Honoring the tradition on the jewelry art allowed us to gain trust of thousands of satisfied clients, who keep returning to us with new orders.

Reaching out the expectations of the jewelry market helped us create about 3000 unique designs over past 30 years. From this enormous amount we have selected for our clients ca. 600 designs, which we offer at attractive prices.

The fact, that we are able to create any kind of original jewelry items according to clients' individual design, is our pride and joy, and helps us making our clients' wishes come true. It's easy: just bring us the design, tell us the desired weight of the item, and we'll make it just the way you want it, in the amount that you wish!

Our attractive offer includes as well:
hundreds of inclusions – insects, which have been sunk in amber as a result of it's natural process of formation millions of years ago;
collector's stones – unique and interesting amber items;
the whole range of silver, gold-plated, gold and rhodium jewelry;
original orders according to individual needs of our clients, such as incrusted chess or amber sculptures.


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