The name of ProKASRO is synonymous with progressive sewer rehabilitation robotic systems. These systems, including inliner systems, enable the user to safeguard the entire underground supply whilst maintaining ecological, hygienic and technical standards. On acquisition of the company in the year 2000 sewer rehabilitation robots were already being developed and manufactured. The range of products was extended to cater the continual changes of the market and customer requirements and at present now includes UV liner systems, CCTV inspection systems and jetting systems.

We are a medium sized company presently enjoying a healthy expansion which has a worldwide customer base. ProKASRO robotic and inliner systems consist of individual components which can be combined to enable specific rehabilitation jobs to be carried out. According to model they are suitable for use in the nominal widths of DN100 to DN1000 in circular or ovoid profiles. Various tool attachments permit the sewer robots to perform milling, grinding, filling, moulding and injection operations. They can also be used for positioning balloons and installation of top hat profiles and liners for house connections.

The extended range of products including items such as UV liner systems and camera inspection systems enable ProKASRO to offer all the products needed for inspection and cleaning, milling, liner installation and rehabilitation, from the begin right up to final acceptance. ProKASRO is prepared to visit your construction site to demonstrate the performance capability of our products right where it’s needed.

Training can be provided for your staff either on site or in the ProKASRO facility in Germany. A ProKASRO sewer rehabilitation robot and an inliner system is an investment with long lasting benefits. ProKASRO can offer diverse financial models. Please do not hesitate to enquire should assistance be required. In the case of short periods of necessity ProKASRO systems can also be acquired on a leasing or rental contract.


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