Founded in 2003, PRESSCOM Sp. z o. o. is a provider of legal and management-related knowledge serving primarily public institutions in Poland. Our principal lines of business are: training, publishing of trade periodicals and books, and consulting.

Because we are always researching the needs of our customers, we can guarantee the highest level of knowledge and outstanding quality of services. Our services and products help public and private sector employees continually increase their knowledge and qualifications, resolve professional dilemmas, and enable personal development.

PRESSCOM is a team of top experts and practitioners specializing in various areas of law, management, finance and new technologies. We operate throughout Poland.

The bulk of our experience lies in the following areas:

organization of specialized training seminars on various areas of the law, such as public procurement, labor law, protection of personal and confidential information, social security, environment conservation, archiving of documents, administrative and execution proceedings, taxes and local levies, budget accounting, and public finance
organization of group training seminars for developing “soft skills”, e.g. managing teams, interpersonal communication, public speaking, customer relations and assertiveness, improvement of service quality
publishing of periodicals and books
consulting on large projects related to personal data protection, public procurement and administrative law
In 2005, PRESSCOM was listed in the official register of training institutions and in the register of institutions authorized to provide training services to the Civil Service. Since 2006, we have been a member of the Association of Press Publishers (Izba Wydawców Prasy).


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