CAP BORA EXCAVATOR is a groundbreaking product noteworthy for its incredible performance, power and application versatility. As a more advanced version of vacuum loader, it is especially designed for excavating heavy materials in places that are inaccessible for traditional mechanical systems. CAP BORA EXCAVATOR is equipped with a high performance tri-lobe vacuum pump with 27” Hg vacuum and a maximum air capacity of 6600 cf / m. It features a self-cleaning protective sleeve filter that boosts performance. The innovative and internationally patented tank tipping system rotates and off-loads from a height of over 6,55 feet to fill up mobile skips through big bags. The rotating excavation arm is as powerful as a mechanical excavator and has a 220° working range. It is easy to operate and can be fitted with an incredible variety of accessories to improve its performance in any situation.

The CAP BORA EXCAVATOR with high tipping system allows unloading of the sucked material directly into
a container; in addition, it is possible to connect big bags to the outlet allowing disposal of contaminated waste.