SESALY, founded in 1957 and subsidiary, along with SESA-CONCEPT of the SESALY SV Group since 2011, is a specialised European equipment manufacturer specialised in light and sound signalling equipment.

SESALY manufactures and sells products for industrial and passenger vehicles (Cars, buses, and trains) and can provide customised orders, adapted to your needs.

SESALY has a field and office based sales team, which is ready to answer your queries and any sales requests on a daily basis, a team of twenty people in the production workshop, a supply-chain department and a purchasing department, which guarantees product quality and delivers increasingly responsive delivery times.

The design phase is the responsibility of SESA-CONCEPT, in a 1500m2 building next to SESALY’s 3500 m2 building.
The R&D division includes project managers and technicians who design and develop new products and delivers total product design covering all aspects of design, mechanics and electronics.

SESA-CONCEPT also has :

A 50 m2 dark room
A heat room
CAD software
An optical simulation software
SESA-CONCEPT’s R&D team has more than 20 years experience in LED technology !

Today, the SESALY SV group employs 68 people.
It had a turnover of 19.1 million Euros for the 2012 financial year, 30% of which was for export.
SESALY SV has been certified ISO 9001 (2008 version), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2008.


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