The technologies we use in our products make us a unique company. We have therefore dedicated ourselves for more than 30 years to researching and developing ever better and more innovative technologies. We are responsible to our customers, partners and colleagues for the quality of our work and our products.

This is possible because we have a very good starting position.

Rosho GmbH is primarily a family-owned company whereby a very significant part of our profits can flow back into our Research and Development work. You have an extremely dedicated group of developers available to you which are responsible to develop new technologies and to further develop existing ones. In this way our advisors and installation specialists help you to offer ever better solutions to your customers.

ROSHO GmbH has been a pioneer of this type of development since founding of its mother company Rose & Holiet in 1968. We have formulated a new mission statement in order to fulfil our role in the future.

„We take every challenge to cope them.“


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