Welcome to the website of ELCON.
We started our activity in 1991, from the very beginning by focusing on the issues of industrial automation and low voltage switchgear.
Over time, we created a design department dealing with the design of electrical installations and technological projects, industrial buildings and switchboards n / n, while introducing a broader discussion of systems automation, and the SDS.
Meet market alone, we commissioned or prepared by us. Section deals with the execution of the investment and service composed of a group of skilled elektomonterów aided specialized equipment and construction machinery.
In 1994 we cooperate with companies Funam Sp. z o. o. and Wodropol SA from Wroclaw, specializing in the construction of Water Treatment Plant and swimming pools and fountains. Implementing a comprehensive performance electrical issues, job design, control, water purification, measuring and control equipment and water treatment processes wizuacji.
We are constantly striving to develop o


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