Company DKV Service specializes in the three profiles of activity:
PVC profile bending,
trade in machinery for the manufacture of windows,
service machines.
From the very beginning of its activity, ie since 1993, the company focuses on the highest quality of our services. Available to the customer in every department are skilled workers who are professional help.
Department of bending PVC profiles based on the technology KS Schulten whereby we are able to bend with almost all the available profiles. Continuous development enables us to put before him ever higher goals because all the news sections, we try to explore in terms of bending. This was the case Rehau profile GENEO who was the first in Poland introduced to our services.
In our policy, we sell primarily to the professionalism, quality, strength and modernity. With experience, our technical staff is able to advise on the selection of hardware for individual customer needs and set production lines.
The priority of the equipment used in trade is


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