Vertical log band saw Mod. STN140 - STH160 - STH180 - STH200

• Extra-thick steel frame
• Remote-controlled pressure blade push
• Electronic-control hydraulic blade tensioning unit
• Power tilting of upper flywheel
• Hydraulic disc brake on lower flywheel
• Manual centralised lubrication
• Blade and upper flywheel protection-guard
• Automatic timed diesel-oil blade and flywheel lubrication pump (upon request)
• Water pump on saw blade tooth (upon request)
• Multiple chain belt on log band saw frame (upon request)

Log carriage Mod. CHMI1000 - CHGI1000 - EAGLE1100/I

• Spheroidal hardened iron wheels
• 3 log clamping pressure values
• Fixed fence
• Double moving hooks with known positions + intermediate positions
• Hydraulic log-turners with single or simultaneous controls - 90° arm tilting
• Analog Electronic Thickness Gauging Unit with 50 work programs and monitor 14’’
• Independent-control clamp transversal movement with d.c. motors “BRUSHLESS” for each clamp - travel speed 30 m/min (500 mm/sec)
• Hydrostatic Feed with steel cable drive for fast carriage return acceleration.
• Double-shelf seat control station • Automatic centralised lubrication
• Cable pantograph
• Automatic photocell-controlled log alignment
• Hydraulic slab turners (upon request)
• Hydraulic lower hook suspension grippers (upon request)
• Hydraulic plank tilting units (upon request)
• Automatic cutting cycle (upon request)
• Blade side-slip control (upon request)
• Double “V” log turners (upon request)