FIRMA WEREMCZUK FMR was established in 1981 by Danuta and Józef Weremczuk (engineers).
During almost 30 years of its operation, the company has developed and built many modern machines for harvesting berries, black chokeberry, gooseberry, cherry, raspberry and for harvesting carrot, parsley, celery, garden beet, French bean as well as machines for soil cultivation, ridge forming, single-seed sowing of vegetables, grass mowing/shredding of branches in orchards and on bush plantations.

In the process of designing, implementation and continuous improvement of the machines FIRMA WEREMCZUK FMR cooperates with the Polish scientific-research units and with individual farms;
FIRMA WEREMCZUK FMR is the owner of numerous patents for designs and technical solutions employed in the machines manufactured by the company.

Thanks to reliable operation and modern technical solutions, the machines made by FIRMA WEREMCZUK FMR have won approval of farmers. High quality of the machines is confirmed by awards and distin


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