Hoover much larger than PROFI 1 It is designed for dry cleaning hard floors and carpet in the really big buildings (schools, hotels and offices).

Technical parameters PROFI 2 ensure enjoyable and ideal order:

Professional quality cleaning:
- Engine with increased vitality with thermal protection
- Rubber band protects furniture from obijaniem
- Wheels with a rubber running track is not drawing the substrate
- Metal tank impact resistant
- Hepa filter in the lid to the effective filtering (option), the ability to clean the filters
- The volume of only 64 dB with 8 degrees of filtration and capsules of reducing engine noise and vibration
- 17 liters in capacity of the bag (lower operating costs)
- Electronic system for conducting static electricity from the housing
- Accessory kit enables the effective removal of contaminants from various surfaces and hard to reach places
- Suction hose with a length of 2.5 m
- Ability to control the vacuum hose
- Possibility of connecting elektroszczotki
- Power nom. In 1200, power max. 1400 W
- 2900 mm vacuum H2O
- Useful suction power - 425 W
- Cable length - 15 m
- Two-year warranty
- Weight - 6.6 kilograms
- Dimensions: height 36 cm, diameter 32 cm