With QUIPSY CAQ, quality assurance is a milestone and an initial step to a productive future. For many years the demands on operational quality assurance have been increasing and compliance with current standards and their systems is, of course, essential.

QUIPSY CAQ is a total package which unites the demands of production personnel and company management in a single, uniform system. Every day, hundreds of companies enjoy the benefits of fine-tuned operator checking; thousands of incoming shipments are handled every day in Goods Inwards departments around the world, swiftly and securely with high-efficiency QUIPSY CAQ.

Whether you are dealing with drill-down analyses, situative reporting, professional presentations or notes for top management: all the requirements of today‘s quality management are completely covered. QUIPSY CAQ is integrated in your own ERP system, ensuring redundancy-free data exchange.

Test and inspection contracts are generated automatically, comprehensively and on time; feedback on failures is reported to the ERP system. QUIPSY CAQ is the most important building block for a quality function which aims to be professional and forward-looking.


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