Stage Dryer T

NEUE HERBOLD stage dryer Series T are specially designed for gentle drying of PET plastic regrinds.

They are suitable for deposition of the surface moisture from the granular plastics. Depending on the temperature, size and structure of the starting product, a surface residual moisture content of about 1 to 2 weight percent is achieved.

The Grist water mixture is fed to the drying chamber via the feed screw. In the dryer, the material to be ground is detected by a special rotor equipped with blades and transported by the step-shaped screen basket. By this diameter magnifying the ground material in the input is only slightly accelerated to then be accelerated from stage to stage more and thus throw off the adhering water particles. Due to the rotor and Siebkorbgeometrie the particles are handled carefully and reduces the fines to a minimum.

Via the tangentially arranged outlet channel, the dried product exits the dryer in the air stream. The separated water particles are excreted along with the fines at the bottom case. A continuous cleaning device encircles the outside of the screen basket and the housing inner wall.