Our production range comprises the complete spectrum of size reduction technology (Shredder, Polystyrene Shredder, Bale-Breaker, Screw Shredder, Guillotines, Grinders, Granulators, Pipe-Granulators, Profile-Granulators, Hammer-Mills, Fine-Grinders, Pulverizers, Pulverisers, complete Washing Lines for the reclaim of plastics scrap, size reduction – washing – drying systems for recycling of conterminated plastics, friction washer, mechanical dryers, thermal dryers, as well as the separation technology for mixed plastics and material handling systems.

Material transport systems for material feeding as well as material-discharge for the size reduced material. None of our constructions in their present design are older than 4 years.

In our testing facilities we constantly test our concepts and carry our necessary adjustments.

Our customers are welcome to visit our testing facilities in order to convince themselves of the NEUE HERBOLD efficiency.

We offer our customers highly qualified service support. Existing machinery is serviced while new solutions, designed to the customers individual requirements, are offered along with our service support.


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