Since 1947, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has been a manufacturer of top quality technical rubber compounds. The company currently employs about 400 people and produces a larger range of compounds than any other compounder in Europe. Our technically advanced compounds are used in the automotive industry, for rubberised rollers of any type and a number of other industrial applications including machine production and construction. KRAIBURG compounds are also widely used for drinking water systems and in the food processing industry.

KRAIBURG develops customised compounds that are tailor-made according to customer specifications!

For the optimisation of a rubber compound, KRAIBURG takes into account the chemical and physical standards to be met by the finished parts as well as the processing technology applied by the customer – be it injection moulding, extrusion or pressing. All custom-engineered quality compounds are based on standard elastomer products such as natural rubber, EPDM, NBR or CM. In addition, KRAIBURG offers products based on silicone and fluoroelastomers.

KRAIBURG works closely together with its customers.

We are committed to establishing close personal contacts with our business partners, as such partnerships are the key to focused and fast technical support, reliable delivery, expert advice and a comprehensive service package.

"Our products and services ensure the success of our customers!" is the motto and honest commitment of KRAIBURG.


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