PCC Plastic & Consultations Center was founded in 1994 with capital amount 500 000 $.

PCC is mainly involved in supply of plastic raw materials, chemical additives and machinery for plastic & petrochemical projects.

PCC & its branches export about 70,000 MT of various materials per year.

PCC has a warehouse of 4000 square meters in 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.

PCC Italia, PCC Plastic & Consultations Center, PCC Kenya, PCC Hong Kong are offices of PCC.

EEC Egyptian European Co, ERMC Egyptian for Roto & Masterbatch Co,
EEC Eastern Elite Co, EEC Eastern Elite Concept, EEC Saudi &
EEC Canada are sister companies for PCC.

PCC participates in up to 7 exhibitions per year to promote its materials.

PCC, through its activities & experience, is expanding rapidly.


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