ECON Air Pelletizer, ELG 400 ECON Air Pelletizing System, ELG

The ECON air pelletizer was especially developed for processing wood and natural fiber compounds (such as WPC). Because water is used to cool and convey the pellets, processing wood-plastic compounds in an underwater pelletizing system requires a substantial amout of drying. Common drying methods are often unable to attain satisfactory levels of residual humidity.

The air pelletizer was designed to use air to cool and convey the pellets and thus eliminate any need to dry the pellets. At the same time, the system benefits from the thermal insulation, resulting in a uniform cut and easy conveying of the pellets from the "cool" cutting surface, without generating chains or agglomerates.

Among natural fiber compounds, the ECON air pelletizer is also well suited for processing PVC, which has a low inner specific heat, therefore requiring only minimal cooling.

The air pelletizer can also be combined with the ECON underwater pelletizing system. With only a few modifications, one system can be used for both underwater and air pelletizing.