The DPS (special products division) was set up as a company manufacturer of high technology injection molding equipment and developed even further in the recent years. Nowadays it has become a company capable to give full assistance within the injection molding market: from mold design and construction, until testing and pre-production tests. It helps its customers by analyzing their ideas and by turning them into high performance products.

DPS gives to its customers a full assistance in the industrialization phase through a varied range of products that goes from gas-assisted injection and bi-material molding to the thermal management of molds. For these reasons DPS deals with companies which operates in varied markets, such as automotive, home appliances or electronics.

DPS is also active in the international scenario and has had a great success during the K Trade fair of Düsseldorf in 2010. The main countries with whom the company deals with are: France, Germany, Eastern Europe and USA.

In the competitive world of the plastic injection molding industry the optimization of the manufacturing locations and its integration among company logistics has a big strategic importance. DPS wants to continue to fill its clients’ requirements as efficiently as possible: starting from a careful analysis, developing solutions and manufacturing products capable to increase the productivity, minimizing errors and improving the working environment.

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