Logmed Technology

A technology for the environment

Every day thousands of tons of infectious medical waste are produced worldwide.

Until recently incineration used to be the predominant method for treatment of hazardous waste. However, medical waste incinerators emit a wide range of hazardous substances.

Logmed solutions AG makes its business to develop and market worldwide environmentally friendly and specially safe solutions for the disposal of infected hospital waste.

Protected by international patents the LOGMED CONCEPT is an extremely economical continuous process for decontamination of solid and liquid infected waste of hospitals, laboratories and veterinary hospitals. The LOGMED processor will shredder contaminated hospital waste to a volume reduction of 80 %.
The by-pass sterilization process reduces the original weight by 18 %. The decontaminated, free-flowing output-material can now be disposed without danger or be fed into the DIESOIL separating system, for a further value adding process.

High quality polyolefines will be destilled to conversion oils. Metals will be sold.