Platforms for self serve car wash bays mod. 450

Platform for selfe-serve car wash bay mod. 450:
The platform for a Self-serve car wash station bay Mod. 450 measuring 450x650 cm is comprised of 2 panels that fit together, each one measuring 228x650 cm, with a thickness of 20 cm, and each one weighing 5.90 tonnes.
The platform comes complete with a reinforced cement water collection tank measuring 400x100x110h cm, and corrosion-proof fibreglass grating with a non-slip quartz, silica surface, in modules measuring 200x100 with green 3.8x3.8x3.8h mesh.

The supply includes:

Adhesive impregnated expanded polyurethane strip to set the panels up on the edge of the tank.
The stainless steel brackets and screws to lock the panels in place.
The galvanised steel grating supports.
Platform customisation service, with pipes set up inside the panels to drain away rain and wand water, and to install the power cables.
The project with the phases that need to be followed before the platform is placed in position: tracing the outline of the area, setting up the tank, setting up the edge, panel installation.
On-site platform installation with our staff.
The structural report, the technical data sheet, the maintenance schedule.

Optional Services:

Transport using vehicles, with or without a crane
Truck-mounted crane rental

Not included in the supply:

Any construction work in general (digging, earth moving, installation surface, setting up the edge to stand the platforms on) and calculation reports for the construction work.