A typical compressed air system will produce thousands of litres of oily, contaminated condensate every year. Environmental regulations strictly prohibit disposing of this condensate without proper treatment to remove the oil.

Traditional solutions for condensate disposal have been to:

• Collect the condensate and have it trucked away periodically by a waste disposal company. This not only requires storage of the hazardous condensate on site, posing a health and safety risk, it is very costly as disposal charges can be up to several euros per litre.

• Use a settling tank to separate the oil and water by gravity, then using carbon to filter the remaining water. Advances in compressor lubricants have made this technology obsolete. Modern compressor lubricants have a specific gravity similar to water and because of this, they form an emulsified oil/water mixture that cannot be separated by gravity only.

JORC Industrial has developed a new condensate cleaner that works anywhere, anytime, with any condensate, and with any type of condensate drain. Free yourself from outdated oil/water separators that are health hazards, provide limited performance and are costly to operate. Experience the difference of JORC’s advanced technology. Experience the SEPREMIUM.

JORC welcomes you to the future of condensate treatment technology with the advanced design of the SEPREMIUM condensate cleaner.

Using a specially treated adsorbent, polypropylene filter elements, the JORC SEPREMIUM condensate cleaners efficiently and effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for condensate storage tanks, settling chambers or costly disposal. JORC has once again set the standard for modern condensate management.

Don’t let your condensate harm the environment. SEPREMIUM condensate cleaners are a cost effective and reliable solution to meet environmental regulations for condensate treatment and ensure your compliance with i.e. ISO 14000.