T858V2 5 axis

5 interpolated axes and a powerful software specially developed for stone work, makes the T858V2 a high performance versatile machine. You can mill, shape and polish monuments, concrete parts, slab and decoration.

The compact spindle permits very fine machining operations. The maximum speed of 10000 RPM allows the use of tools of very low diameter such as engraving tools for example. The machine comes in various configuration.

The standard model comes on a metallic frame. Other versions are available on concrete plinth with 6, 12 or 16 m runway allowing pendulum work. For the model with welded structure, the magazine of 36 to 45 places and in addition, a specific space for the disc, permit a high functioning autonomy even for very complex pieces.

The standard magazine of 36 to 45 spaces plus the extra spot for the disc (added to long runway) gives the machine a complete autonomy even for processing complex pieces.