Basic polishing machine for all workshops in the stone processing sector, versatile and efficient. It can polish marble slides using the FLAT polishing head with abrasives as the Frankfurt type and granite slabs applying the optional SATELLITE head with circular wheels with Terzago connection or the head with TANGENTIAL abrasives CEMAR GOLD type. On the satellite head you can apply the plate for marble with Frankfurt connections. The main structures of the machine are made in cast iron highly non deformable, to guarantee resistance over time to corrosion, perfect dimensional stability and minimum acoustic resonance. The operating software was specifically designed for SIRIO and is very easy to use. The detection and storage of slab contour being processed are made directly positioning the operating head. 4 working cycles and the number of times you want to repeat them can be preset. Shifting from the processing on a slab and the next and the final return to the start point, with end of cycle luminous signal, are automatic.