Automatic Bridge Saw Machine – with rotating head upto 180 degrees and able to tilt manually up to 45° for a blade up to 500mm (20 inches) with inverter drive. Z axis (rise and fall movement) – 310mm (12.25 inches).
Machine installed on concrete walls – suppliedWITHOUT table – supplied with foto cellular safety barrier. Fast and precise movements due to brushless motors with resolver system. Suspended pendant with 6.5 inch TFT colour touchscreen. Machine is equipped with USB port for easy loading of programs.
Stainless steel electrical panel.
TheTOCE can be used completly in a manual mode, or she can follow a range of automatic programs including single, multiple or ortogonal cuts. Inclined, oblique, or a combination of inclined and oblique, when directed, the machine can take step cuts in the direction of the blades axis by moving all the axis in an interpolated mode without the need for a rotating table.
On request the machine can be equipped also to receive and process profiles and outlines made in CAD and loaded in dxf format.
The TOCE can also(upon request) be equipped to follow profiles and/or cut geometry sent to the machine via the USB in DXF format Upon request, the machine can be supplied with different table options including tilting, rotating or tilting and rotating.
Also avalable upon request are steel walls to use in place of concrete.