The SYMA+SD Ltd. was established in 1990, as the Hungarian representative of the Swiss centered SYMA installation system. SYMA Holding AG has 51 % ownership and the remaining 49 % is in the hand of András Szántó. The enterprise has become market leader within its own segment during the first part of the '90s.
After the Budapest Sports Hall has burnt down in 1999, he applied for and won the right for the construction and operation of an event centre in the territory of People's Stadium. During the first three years (between 2000-2003), under the name of SAP, the Event Hall was launched successfully on the market. The Hall "A" and "C" was constructed in 2006, due to the prosperous tender in 2005.
For more than 5 years, the Event Centre is Hungary's most modern and market leader event location, with more than 120 events yearly. Not only the good accessibility and the free of charge parking spaces, but the column free and sectioned interior design, the numerous conference rooms, furthermore the local catering services all contribute to the professional recognition and popularity of the Event Centre.
We can offer combined hall leasing packages for exhibition organisers, and different configurations for concert organisers, like standing, theatre style or even seating on grandstands. Within the standards of international congresses, the newly reconstructed Hall "C" with its 4 soundproof section rooms is able to satisfy any kind of congress needs up to 2500 pax.