The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center is ready and waiting to provide you with the optimal solution for every challenge, be it a private or corporate event, and at any scale, and offers you complete flexibility, innovation and unlimited service.

Unique experience: due to the sheer size of our complex and the wide variety of dispersed pavilions and spaces, you can create a singular, unique experience tailored to your requirements, and, at the same time, enjoy a sense of exclusivity and complete privacy.

Infinite possibilities: the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center is acclaimed as a prime venue, thanks to its decades of proven expertise in providing operational flexibility and creative planning, combined with its efficient and wise use of its many facilities: the many separate entrance gates, variety of pavilions, spacious lobbies, expansive green lawns and the integration of indoor and outdoor settings so perfect for large gatherings, as well as the range of auxiliary services at world-class standards.

Diverse exhibition options: we offer you about 20,000 square meters of indoor exhibition spaces, divided among seven pavilions of various sizes, as well as an additional 20,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition spaces adjacent to the pavilions on the meticulously tended lawns.

Maximum accessibility: by choosing to hold your event at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, you ensure your guests optimal transportation options, due to our central location and proximity to the "Trade Fairs Center - University" train station, to the Ayalon Highway and public transportation with nearby bus stops.

Plenty of parking: in addition to offering your guests easy access, the ITFCC offers you about 3,500 parking spaces, situated in the historic "drive-in" lot and another 1,600 parking spaces in the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot adjacent to the complex.