i2i Events Group is an international events company dedicated to enhancing customer value, extending its international footprint and exploring every available growth opportunity. We are committed to outstanding events content and to delivering operational excellence for all visitors and exhibitors. We are proud to open up a world of possibility for the global decision makers who comprise our customers. Each year we bring together more than 260,000 customers to discover, learn, network and trade at our shows around the world.
i2i Events continues to create some of the brightest and most inspiring exhibitions in the world. Each is structured to help exhibitors and visitors profit from a global business environment promising growth.

Among our exhibitions are Spring Fair International, Autumn Fair (Spring Fair’s seasonal equivalent) and Pure London. Each is a major retail show sited at the heart of its specific business community, delivering inspirational buyer content and an unmatched range of products. Add to these a series of diverse, equally important and ever popular events such as Resource and Waste Management (RWM), CWIEME and Bett, and you can see why i2i has become a yardstick for all that is excellent in events organisation.

Our congresses specialise in creating first-class meeting places for leaders in retail, architecture and healthcare.

i2i's congresses are founded on compelling content, devised according to our customers’ needs. In establishing forums for influential business speakers and thought leaders, these events have become indispensable for their respective sectors and are regularly the platforms our customers use to unveil exclusive, market changing research and product initiatives to their industries and related media.

As well as content, each congress is further enlivened by workshops, networking sessions, and retail tours, giving delegates invaluable opportunities to push towards both professional and personal career goals.